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 Ooop Poop ~ Be Dupe

Symbolic of

Hell's Insidious Conditioning

     Paradoxical  Futility

      Fearful &  FISHY 


     What's next - Ollie 


"Another Fine Mess" - Stanley , ... All Hell Broke Loose !

The secular ( novus ordo seclorum ) seduced The Sacred and the Meek began to get Ulcers , ... " The Antidote " ,... Coming soon , presented by The Wild -Wacky -Wry - Wizard of "ODD" @ www.wackywizardofodd.com ,... Our Wizard is a " laissez faire pantheist " and tran"sect"ual

Oh  yes , ...  The meek would soon  find themselves 

Inheriting nothing other than a Huge Debt ? 

StratospherePie University Presents 

The Temple of  Providential Synchronicity 


 Harmonious Integration 

 ( a philosophy of  transectualism )  / ( It's  either  Ism or it  Ain't ) in this dichotomous life experience 

Or , ... is there a third option  like the Dali Lama  proposed  : "you don't have to love everyone ,

                           just don't Harm Them"

( Knock knock knocking on Heaven's door ) ! @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgAoe1o2134 ,  while exposing   multifaceted  tangential 

              "Seeds Of Deception"   , attributable  to and  commensurate   with   "Control and Enslavement

                                                              ( dominion  issues ) , resulting  from 

                                                               a conveniently   and  deliberately misinterpreted

                                                        .........  Genesis scripture 

                                         (  By Professor Pompous Pious  - Emeritus  )  - A  Transectual  

How does Hell's Freaking  Conditioning  set the stage for us 

 ( obsequious sycophants / complacently compliant  / sheeple people )

to become  Our Own Worst Enemy   in what may be our our planetary 11th hour  as  volatility  indicators vascillate rapidly  ?

( Ah  ! - The answer is in the question ) 

  a clue perhaps :                    ( A  Morose, Machiavellian  Monster Mash Manipulation  Maneuver )  ;

inclusive of  nefarious / sinnister / INSIDIOUS   spiritual Wickedness ( Ephesians 6:12 ) -  deliberately designed  to create devitalization"  ( an enfeebling  condition , neutralizing resistance in a  (*) Symptom Oriented Society , 

 creating circumstances and a mental atmosphere  conducive for predatory aggression )                                                                                                            

                              ( Tyrants producing Wimps ) 


(*) S O S , and  ... the crisis gets intensified with animal  pHARM aceutical  treatment 

 An awakening  and a   unification *resolution  may be  in providential order  ,  * Whereas ,  ( we /  those whom    discover a *redemptive option  ( To be continued ) may denounce  "The Father of Fear" and its resultant lower emotional outcroppings ( red , orang and yellow chakra energy tendencies )   

*a redemptive option -  (web page coming soon )  - ( simple but not easy )

Circa / Circus  2018 (  * Chaos , confusion, controversy , A planet in peril  ( Exponential Metastasizing Corruption )  Disease and disorder  rampant  and ravenous  

Warped  Run Amok * ( CAPITALI$TIC Chao$, )  deliberately designed by a Globalist Elitist agenda 


( perpetuated by  keeping the masses entrenched in  the four lower "devitalizing"  emotional states )

Is there Hope ?  - Ollie ?

Hope is a lovely companion  - Stanley , but a lousy Guide ;  it is  consoling, but not creative  

We  recognize and  appreciate Three Great Central Facts, (presently collective) archetypically apropos, as a common thread weaving together  a quintessential  fabric of  TRUTH  to break from  bondage 

( web page coming soon )

Professor Pompous Pious  Emeritus , *( S V I ) - *( L F P )  Presiding 

* Satirical Vituperative Iconoclast , 

Laissez Faire Pantheist 

 and 55th cousin to Pontius Pilate 

( specializing in a third rate romance and low rent  rendezvous with paradoxical phunkyness  )  replete with 

perplexing pjorative peregrinations

perfidious poignant persiflage

pernicious  OoopPoop-BeDupe philosophy

Ooopsie Dupe - Who Be Pooped Upon  ?

                             Ignorant  Apathetic  Complacent  -  

                                           Shallow Impervious   Nincompoops ! 

We have an exigent priority !  Re: a Coast to Coast guest - Jeffrey Smith , representing  I R T   responsibletechnology.org 

per se - a planet in peril 

                 ( Our revised Serenity Invocation )

Grant us the courage to change the things we can and the Wisdom to know why we don't ) 

For it is that  we have departed from the path of rectitude ( aka as  - the Fall ) and entered into the path of "Wrecktitude"


Systemic Aberrant Behaviors were abounding , pervasive , and viral as   the ( H P R )  Hypnotized Pavlovian Puppetry ( pawns on the chessboard and fodder in the juggernaut )  displaced the "Awe" in "Awe"some Wonder  and began slouching towards Gommorah  with

 diabolic  "Deviations"

 turning them every which way but  Loose !  Much of this  being a result of vicariously compensating  thru "celebrity worship" and              HollyWEIRD    EnterTAINTment 

                         In this era of Implosion Dynamics 

 ( replete with foible, folly, fallacy , Fraud and FARCE, bamboozling, hoodwinking, shenanigans  Exponential Deception , etc. )

( are we Freaking  Doomed ,

 ... or is this leading to a new paradigm process of  evolvement )   ? 

( The later - perhaps for those who embrace 

A Great CENTRAL Quintessential Fact Of Life 

as referenced in Romans 8 : 28  )

We are about to embark on a journey , but we won't bark  loudly 

 There is already way too much noisy 

howling  vicious junkyard Dogma 

 in this world !

Here we  are - Stanley as the ego based vanity aspect of lower nature - "Clings" -


A Higher More Spiritual  nature aspires and  - Yearns

and we find ourselves  like a shuttlecock birdie  trapped unmercifully in a badminton tournament  !

To embrace The Struggle ; with "Grace and Dignity" ... That is the task  !  ( Fat chance - Eh ) ?

This is a story of  Paradox

 visiting ( hijacking ) 

Paradise -

To assimilate ,validate, corroborate and verify  this,  please see :

(  www.geoengineeringwatch.org   ) 

The Song has been Sung !  

Oh Ollie , ... are we heading to hell in a handbasket as once thought ? 

Oh no Stanley , we are not !  We are heading there in this warped run amok Capitali$tic $ystem - in an 

Oversized Big Mart Shopping Cart

Stanley, ... They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot  !

However we have some Gospel News :

The OoopPoop~BeDUPE  incitation ( Ephesians 6:12 ) is  confirmed  , and 

A critcal mass response  as per a scriptural reference ( Luke 8:17 ) is now possible, likely , 

... and could bring into operation a mass  awareness ... and ... "Awakening "

You see Stanley ... The mythical metaphore states that Adam was cast into a deep sleep, 

not mentioning that he was ever awakened  . 

                            ( Where's The Hundredth Monkey ) ? ah, perhaps a revisit would be appropriate - Eh ?

( Thanks George Noory and Dane Wigington )  - for your dedication to the pursuit of facts over fiction and Truth over trash ! ( as Art Bell initiated )

MRI   (Miscellaneous Random Incitation  )  / Exigency #1  motherlodeagainstmonsanto@gmail.com

Those Freaking  Fat-Ass  Machiavellian Macbre Monsanto /Monster Mash Manipulators 

( It's  time to revisit "Silent Spring" and "The Chemical Feast" )


 Hell's   Freaky - Frightening Conditioning and 

The Father of FEAR

( a journey on  The Wiki Wiki Orange shuttle - into a realm of selfish ambition )


Aha  !- The Antidote

( a journey on The Wiki Wiki Indigo shuttle  - into

 The land of FRUIT 






( Providential  Syncronicity and Harmonious Integration )

       ( reaffirmation of a spiritual destiny )

(as depicted and elucidated upon in the booklet  titled) :

Catch The Dream , Fulfill The Vision , Heal The Hurt , by 

Dr. Martha Hicks and Dennis Day 

" ( As  contrasted  with ) "

 The history of  quirky  "perplexification" : 

(Paradoxical Phunk ) - wherein  we get phunked up and phunked over !  

                Into voluntary  compliant     "Enslavement"  ! ... ? ( becoming Pawns and Fodder )

on the International  Gangster Bank$ter chessboard

They rendered  unto Caesar 

 ( The $eize Czar )

and kissed their A$$ets Good Bye

( There is now a preponderance of compelling evidence to validate this assertion 

          There Certainly is Ollie ! 

OoopPoopBeDUPE reigned for 1000 years and then rained on the 

 parade in Paradise 

..... OoopPoop~BeDUPE was known as The Godfather Of  "The Deep Doo Doo State"   ( A 1st cousin to Adam Weishaupt - A Human DEVIL  ) 

 Alert : Creation Under Assault 

(The Curse - Causless , shall not come 

 This site is dedicated To America ,

Life is more than a sink or swim scenario , but rather - 

 A  Sync -or-Drown option 

Clinging  verses  Yearning 

Complacency & comfort  verses  Risk & Trust

 Yea -  Although we walk thru the  valley of  Pew Poo religion / Celebrity worship and HollyWEIRD EnterTAINTment and the deep  doo doo  corridors of shady charade shadow  government with  Clowns on the left and JOKERS to

the right ( our enemies within ) , we will Trust  that the

 Fat- Ass CorruptocRATS - (masquerading) - with Masks and Kool Aid 

 all get exposed ( Luke 8:17 ) - ( that which they FEAR the Most)

 Welcome to Our "Betwixting" 21st century  World  of 

Multifarious Nefarious Farce 


 As America Swims in a vast sea of Estrogen 

( docility inducement )


 Allegation 1-A ( Stewardship Dereliction) 

1-B , Systemic (root) Aberrance 

Ubiquitous / Pervasive & Invasive 

They Did The Machiavellian


Grim - Grisley - Ghastly -  


Monster Mash


(  A Professor Pious Proverb ) :

 Demagoguery and Deviation 

 will always  precede

Dooms Day 

How  many books are written on the topic  of being human ?  Happiness ? The search for purpose and meaning ?

A. Too many

B.  Not enough

C.  It doesn't  really matter 

D.  We need one more - by Professor Pompous Pious - Emeritus  

The Only Real antidote:  ( WULYFAWFF0 ) - 

Wake Up Laughing Your Fat-Ass Way  Freaking Far Off 

The FARCE Force Is With You  !

 Eh George : How about Having Swami Beyond on Coast To Coast  ?

The INEFFABILITY  of heinous /insidious Machiavellian   sanctioned horrors  attributable to and commensurate with the present human condition @ this juncture in history can only be understood thru experience and not by description  


 The Antidote will be apprehensible  by spiritualizing the intellect, ( exploring mystical states of insight @ depths unplumbed by discursive thought processes - ), and not  with vanity based hubris -  in attempting to intellectualize the Spirit 

 They did The Monster Mash 

(to be continued )

Prof Pious Prophetic Persiflage ;

 There shall be a banquet  to serve humble pie to lefty  looney tune -out of tune , regressive depressives in America after they become snared in their own diabolically woven Net !

Planet Earth (America) -  A Cerebral Laundromat Facility (C L F )

An experiment- A cosmic prank - guinea pig people  - Oink - Oink,...

 To  become programmed, responding as Hypnotized Pavlovian Sheeple People Puppetry

 Pawns on The Chessboard - Fodder In The JuggerKNOT

 The punch line - kool aid ,

Spiked with with sleep inducing Elixer ! 

How to unravel the KNOT  (?)

Professor Pompous  Pious - Emeritus, SVI, LFP

(Satirical Vituperative Iconoclast / Laissez  Faire Pantheist) 

offers an option , ...   

In 1776  - The lost books of Dennis and DueToAstronomy  were found  in the  attic of a Tavern - near  12th Street and Vine , Kansas City ! The books were  discovered by some  ( Crazy Little Women )

In these books there were awesome axioms  that Abraham Maslow called :

      " The   T a v e r n a c l e    Treatise "                          '

(to be continued)

 In that same  year - America was promised a  guarantee -  


 " Pursuit of Happiness " 

Not actual Happiness  - rather - The Pursuit 

 Then, along comes  Dr. Siegmund Void, postulating that Happiness may not be a component of creation  ? 

Next , Professor Pompous ( Pomp-Ass) Pious - Emeritus  exacerbates the Condition - 

The Propagandized -Indoctrinated masses would see what they believed before they  believed what they thought they saw , and then they would think that they were thinking - when they were merely  

 rearranging their prejudices !

Yea, though we walk thru the valley  of deep  state (doo doo) shadow government and heinous - pernicious  insidiousness, ... We will live like there shall be no tomorrow ! ( There may not be )

 (   to be continued)  - (IF there is a tomorrow ) ? - which is ridiculous  ( because there never will be)

 A sign in the saloon read " Free Drinks Tomorrow !

24 hours later - Patrons returned to the saloon 

 The sign that got their attention - read

 "Free Drinks Tomorrow" 

Once upon a linear time in this 3rd dimensional ( dementia) illusion - often called Reality -there existed a species - 1/2 past human - Betwixt - The Ape and The Angel . -isolated and sequestered on a Quarantined planet created by Carl Sagan - billions of years ago !

IT - The species - (They)  were endowed with Free Will - which often  caused them consternation and 

paralyzing  Anxiety 

Paradox had visited Paradise ,

 and they began to feel like a shuttlecock-birdie caught up in a bad (very bad)  catch 22 -badminton tournament

IF you often feel like you are in a strait

Betwixt Two Worlds


from Enthusiasm  / to a sense of Futility

 Ecstacy / and Agony

Inclined (intuitively) / - or compelled (externally )

Yearning  / yet  Clinging

,... Welcome to D day in America , our world of : 

digital dopamine dysfunction dilema ,

Distraction - Desensitization - Dumbing -down and Deviation 


  www . weird-whacky-wretched . com -plicated  / What The Freaking Bleep Is happening ? 


The sword of Damocles is suspended   over the heads of shady charade  bureaucRATS ( Pond Scum ) in America ,

 and The Supreme Deity may soon withdraw her magisterial Grace  


First and Foremost - Our highest priority :

We must understand :

Ethos - Pathos - Logos

as per 

 [  Behavior "CONTROL"   ]

( The CONTROL Freak Agenda 21 + 666) 

 The Archaic Straitjacket of so-called Religious Authority ...


 The Cerebral Laundromat Facility

Sanctioned and endorsed by  a conveniently misinterpreted Genesis scripture , erroneously  validated with

 Rationalized Absurdities and Pew - Poo  politics

Arbitrarily subjective - nebulous - conceptual - capricious - sequacious / idolatrous ,  abstract &  whimsical ! 

Mythical Metaphorical Madness 

Clergy  playing the role of Travel Agent - issuing passports into The promised Land  !

 They played The Machiavellian "Monsanto" Monster Mash shuffle 

 (later in our course to be titled) :

Life could be as a Symphony 

( "IF"  The Maestro were not being Poisoned )

In regards to The Cerebral Laundromat :

*Humanity presently is  in the chaos- confusion -

Agitation Cycle 

( after Soaking in  Propaganda ) -

 ( then put on High Spin ) - 

( by Fake News -

 in a Rigged System ) 

and then ...

Hung    Out  To   Dry 

( On a gun metal grey - cloudy day Sky )

( They waited impatiently for The Maytag  Savior To Arrive )

 A cherished Utopian Vision was under assault and Siege

There was The  E M C facet  

" Exponential   Metastasizing   Corruption "

(invasive and pervasive)

What ? ( not even a smidgen) ? what - Who said that ? B H Obama  ? really ?

Absurdities erupted into Atrocities 

( cities like Chicago)

Insanity morphed into *Madness 

Simplicity became a Complex matter

Hope was a lovely Companion - but a lousy Guide

Every form of Refuge had its Price 

     Oprah couldn't explain   IT 

                    Columbo never solved   IT

                                 Hegel refused to synthesize   IT 

                           Dr. Phil didn't call back

      Judge Judy dismissed   IT - (Too many Idiots)


"Hillary"  Whined and complained about   IT  

(blaming everyone including  The Dog Catcher  )

( to be continued

Thanks for your patience - if you have any remaining 

Professor Pompous Pious - Emeritus,

( or Merit less ) - ( You decide )

How-Freaking-ever, ... in accordance with ( Isaiah 45:1) , we may be experiencing - by  providential appointment,  a designated Agent - deployed  to activate :

Complacency  Intercession  & nullification Protocol !  hcinp://

(Redneck translation) : To Kick Ass 

and Now - from StratospherePie University - 

We  have a  tried and True socially redemptive  Antidote :

Awaken and realize  :

The FARCE is with You !


 Laughing Your Fat Ass Way freaking Far Off  ... @

www.wakeuplaughing.com ,

(Thank You - Swami Beyond ) for the Risibility Infusion !

And Thanks To George Noory of Coast To Coast radio for your contribution ;

(exposing The FARCE Factor )

 (Eh George - how about having Swami Beyond on Coast To Coast )  ?

Until Then ... For some lite-hearted   Satirical Iconoclastic Vituperative Phunk ,... @  

www.wolf96039.com/big-bang-%40"357-bc" < (hilite and drag to search box )

 The True Story Of Creation & The "Only"  Way 

 (The way thru The MAZE  may be by

  A MAZE - ING   Grace)   which could mean That You're Screwed ! 

Don't Give Up ! ... The Gods Of The Copybook Headings will be arriving ; 

Limping up to explain IT  all once more ! 

(maybe twice) - for Shallow NincomPoops )

(to be continued ) When We hear that Robin Sing !

 , ...


From Ephesians 6:12 - (On The Left ) <- elitist bank$ter gangster$ " CONTROL" Freak cabal ) <----------------------------------------> (On The Right) We present -> Utopian Vision Reclamation Dynamics -> .................................................................................................................... -> ( The "Antidote" )

Let's suppose that there is a Great CENTRAL *Quintessential Fact ! ...

            ( One that will unravel The Knot )

(To be disclosed soon ) and that It shall have a common denominator , an archetype - prototypic - adjured with a presently collective dynamic pattern , reflective of a common thread - weaving together a magnificent quantum - universally apropos,  interconnected - integrating stream of consciousness as a  " quintessential "  tapestry of TRUTH

(To Be Continued ) , ... Then along comes the ISM Schism , replete with

 Foible - Folly - Fallacy - Fable - Freak-out Funk 


            FARCE ,

 and simplicity becomes complex with arbitrary subjectivity, nebulous, conceptual, capricious and abstract  -which sets the stage for  

           Belief - perception  and Religion 

 manifesting  by and thru  an aggregation of 

                 Rationalized  'ABSURDITIES' 

 to emerge , as an  illusionary sense of separation , and then -


Two Great 21st century  philosophers announced  pertinent commentaries :

Tommy Smothers let it be known that 

          War is IGNORANCE in Action 

and Hopsing ranted about TOO Much Foolisment !

( a reasonable antithesis to Wisdom ) 

And  (a third - not Great - but with delusion Hope ... 

The Proleptic  - Pixilated  ( Betwixted)

Professor Pompous Pious -Emeritus has  coined - "HaLaCraze" Syndrome as  the adversarial culpable Culprit to be  @ the root cause of Absurdity and Atrocity ...

 Ignorance -          Hazy blurred clouded  vision  

 Apathy -               *Lazy  patho illogical  indifference 


Complacency -     Craziness    -    Self satisfaction     -    even in  the face of DANGER  ! 

*  not to be  confused with The point of High Indifference 

( to be continued) ... 

Professor Pompous ( Pomp Ass ) will proceed @ the appropos time - to present philosophy ranging  from 

 Miss Piggy and Pinnochio   To  Pythagoras ... 

revealing the Truth regarding :

A Pig that had Wings



a Messiah that gave   Ballet Instruction ! (To every neighborhood watch official )

( that's another  story - for later ) -  or perhaps now ) 

Every neighborhood should have ,  (rather), It would most certainly Behoove every neighborhood to have one dedicated   staunch bellicose - polemic Atheist !


The "ISM" Invasion (a "controlling" feature of The (CLF)

C e r e b r a l   L a u n d r o m a t   F a c i l i t

* as per  "The ANTIDOTE " ... It may Behoove You

 to realize that It would be a good practice to 

 Wake Up Laughing - (LYFAWFFO) Laughing Your Fat Ass Way Freaking Far Off

 by understanding that The FARCE is with You 

(We  Thank ,... here and now - Swami Beyond for that risibility dynamics factorization ) -  herein after to be known as The ... ( R D F ) @



 a special Thanks goes out  To

 George Noory 

and   Coast To Coast Radio  for his role in  exposing the pervasive - invasive - foible - folly - fallacy - fraud and


( now we need to Dis - Funk the Funkors

 ( we have allowed ourselves to be the  .......Funkee

 As they trespass and trample over our 


 ( Pawns and Fodder) -  ( Phunked Up and Over - 

 way too far and way too  Phreaking  -  long ) -

 heaven forbid - but it did not 

 Those words  are  in the William F. Buckley- Pompous  Pious - New Paradigm - Poop~DUPE  dictionary )

Professor Pompous Pious -


nominates George Noory - guest hosts and guest , and

 Swami Beyond -  for being awesome contributors to An Awakening process and for bringing to the light - 

                  The Freaky Frightening 


                            Farce   Field 


Our Web of Life Foundation - shall  graciously recognize 

                Judge Jeanine Pirro 

Jason Chaffetz  - Trey Gowdy  - Jim Jordan   


 A special Kudos recognition for 

            Sheriff David Clark


 Jessee Ventura , who speaks out clearly and distinctly :

( A very Sad Inference  )

 " The Terrorist have Won" !  

"Mussolini would be proud"


 among those whom courageously expose   principalites - powers , rulers of the darkness , (  those  whom corrosively and insidiously  prefer to erode and undermine  a cherished  Utopian  Declaration and Vision ) by  rationalizing

insipid -vapid    absurdities , Atrocities , and -


                         " Wickedness "

                                  WOE !       

  Oh , Ollie , What is the bottom line compemdious conclusion @ this juncture  ?

 Stanley ,... Here It Is :

The Father of Fear - is - IGNORANCE


The Curse - Causeless - Shall Not Come !

Ignorance broadcasts an INVITATION 

( OoopPoop~BeDUPE senses an Opportunity)

Apathy ...... ACCEPTS  the Invitation 

Apathy  is like a blinking neon light  announcing - "I'm Vulnererable - bring It On"

Complacency Consents ( political correctness - going along to Get Along ( Fear related)

Ignorance is Hazy and doesn't Know that Apathy doesn't Care

  Apathy is Lazy and doesn't Care that  Ignorance is in The Dark

Complacency is satisfied with the status quo  ( even in The Face of Danger) ! 

                        What     ?

Complacency is  that state which allows and encourages stupidity to take up residence  ?

(HaLaCraze Syndrome ) as adopted by

 Professor Pompous Pious - Emeritus,...SVI - LFP

(credentials up The Yin /Yang )

(c) 2018  - All rights reserved (whatever that means ) ?


Welcome To Our Intricately woven Web Of Life CircLe

(Unfortunately ) : All Hell Broke Loose ! - A Perplexing - Quirky "Ism" Invasion, - It's either ISM (or) it Ain't - ISM,- Now Let Me Tell You More About "OoopPoop~BeDUPE" ! , -> It's all about The "Archaic Straitjacket" of sovereignty usurping so-called "authoritarianISM ( another freaking ISM ) / "Mythical Madness" and ... [*] " Masquerades" / "Shady Charades" / The Cerebral Laundromat Facility (CLF) - Pedagogical Failure - Strangling The Holy Curiosity Of Inquiry / (as per) Hell's Freaky Conditioning) - (including) The Machiavellian Monster Mash ! / The Father of FEAR / Obsequious Compliant Sycophantic Pawns on The Chessboard ( Slouching Towards Gomorrah) and Fodder in The "Elitists" - (follow the money $ trail ) - * Warped - Run Amok - Capitali$tic Juggernaut $ystem - Freakish -Agenda Twenty One + 666 - and - The OoopPoop~BeDUPE entourage - primarily about (Ephesians 6:12) ... And Behavior "CONTROL" ...

This  "site" is about Deep Ecology within The "Web Of Life"

[*] Masquerade - The Masks and The Kool Ade ! ( the Jim Jones episode)

Here we are Stanley ~ Our ego based vanity / lower aspect ( orange )  "CLINGS


 The Higher More Spiritual Nature  ( Indigo )- "Yearns"  and we find ourselves caught in a strait betwixt the two -don't we ?   And The battle ensues  and we Wonder - We Ponder and we shall ... Contemplate upon The Template 

(To be continued in the Springtime when we hear that Robin in Sing

@ www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH8Oj2W7yeA

Sacred scriptures are  from the Books of  Dennis  and   DueToAstronomy

  presently  under guard -  archived in The Professor Pompous Pious - Emeritus -  T a v e r n a c l e  ,

 ... Services @ 10:31 A.M. ,... every third Sunday in a community called Happy Camp ( take the slawson cutoff to the fork in the road ) @ the intersection of High Street and hallelujah junction

  ( communion is @ 10:32 with (Whidbey Island port wine) and ( Organic non GMO - Englebert Pumpernickle bread ) , from The State of Washington 

  We have  paved Paradise and put up a parking lot  for your convenience .

 The  choir will sing " What Is My Liver For - If Not For You " :

 ( AA meetings are held ( Helled ) on Monday morning  ! There will  be  a pot luck lunch ( bring your own pot - please)

 ( dark roast coffee  and  chocolate  devils food cake  will be served) -

(  Annual membership due$ are only $6 and 66 cents )  Pa$tor Pompou$ Piou$ is Trea$ury $ecretary 

 for "The Church of What's freaking Happening Now" !

 Please join us : as we have The True story of Creation  - What REALLY Happened  !


   (what we  won't  preach) - is 

 The mythical Madness metaphore of 

Sin  and  Punishment ,

 but rather , 

Error  and  Consequence ,

and we  graciously offer :

The "ONLY" Way 

 (all others offer the "Onerous" way  - forget those) 

 We also preach The OoopPoop~BeDUPE Story - about

A Static in the attic 

The Rumble in the jungle

Disorder on The border  ,  ( Who is going to pay for It  ) ? (Mexico of course)

and Most Importantl

FUNGUS  Among Us 

( The invasive -  sinnister - " INSIDIOUS" ) - pond scum - 

Swamp  creatures ) -  ( Enemies Within )  


In 1977 Professor Pompous - became Pious after receiving ordination in a hot tub in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California ,  (sanctified - rectified an Humidified ) by The Founder Of The universal Life  Un orthodoxed Church 

 During that same year he discovered 

10 worlds of existence

 The  highest  - Love   

The lowest -          Fear

10 commandments - 

490 ways to Forgive  Idiots !

50 ways to leave your lover  -( advice not endorsed  by James Dobson)

(skipping over ( slow forwarding ) to 2017, (40 dubious  years whence ) -  Professor Pompous - received an Honorary Doctorate  - simply adding The distinction of "Emeritus" ,

  accepting  two critical axiomatic premises  : (as to how Evil takes possession )

The purpose of Vanity is to Block Truth


Those who can have you believing Absurdities  - can cause  You  to commit  Atrocities    ! 

@ this 2018 juncture in 3rd dimensional ( dementia) linear time

   Professor Pompous Pious - Emeritus and associates claim title to 

The Worlds Largest Dream Catcher - in far northern Siskiyou County California , U. S. A.  ( 105 foot circumference of willow branches)

This led to the discovery of Three

 Great CENTRAL Quintessential Facts 

( to be shared - later) 

however...  There was a recent psychological - debilitating setback for The Proleptic Professor, after consulting with a Genie in a crystal  glass bottle, ...

The Genie  told the Professor That he was really a woman  and a 55th incestual  cousin to Pontius Pilate

then proceeded to slap him unmercifully  - saying :

"You've rubbed me The Wrong Way - Fatso"   ! 

 (The Professor is in therapy now)

( his high school English teacher once told him ... Dammit - Delerious  Dennis ...

 " You Ain't Never Gonna amount To Nuthin - you ain't nuthin but a hound dog - whinning all the time -   you Ain't never been a friend of mine - get The  Freaking Bleep out of my class ! " she said gleefully !

He said: "Thank You" , telling her that "she dressed funny" , ... leaving The room  - hating that high school and everyone in it ! 

(most of that story is phunky  persiflage) 

( but - she did dress Funny ) 

Thanks for your time and patience  (if you have any remaining)  

 Professor Pompous Pious -Emeritus 


My faith ...... [ "TRUST" ] ......> That we can take The Wiki Wiki Express from drudgery and dysfunction > To Heart ....... centered .......... "Hallelujah" Junction !

Stay Tuned as we shall address The Mathmatics Of Belief   "AS"   to What is arbitrarily subjective - nebulous - conceptual - capricious - abstract and  relatively  Absurd  28 %  of the time  ? ... That leaves 72 % , Ah Ha ! , ...  and when you know how to graph the Rule of 72% ; an algebraic formula  applied in consciousness  as an   investment in compounded optimism -  you may determine  with reasonable- honest  certainty @ which time your Enthusiasm will double  ! 

                                                                                                  .. Trust Me ! - OK  - Eh ?

Also, we shall present a truth that main stream news media and  churches don't want you to know  :


 A soul - before  leaving the earth plane, goes immediately  to  a car wash in Bakersfield, California !  

My Initial Insightful *("Incitare" ) and Contemplation !

*(incitare) stimulated into  Action :

Involvement began in 1977 with  *one slice of cheesecake and two slices of pride . 

The cheesecake was much easier to swallow ! 

 40 years later - We ( co-creators) have constructed The World's Largest Dream Catcher (105 foot circumference ), displayed in a backwoods community in Siskiyou County, California.  It is symbolic of The Web Of Life - featuring a "quotation by Chief Seattle"  (significantly apropos and self evident - I sincerely do Trust)

The  *one slice of cheesecake episode (1977) refers to inconspicuous benefits derived from  divine synchronicity and harmonious integration  (as) it relates to Intention and subsequent  Destiny !


When I Hear that Robin Sing - I know it will be coming  upon spring - and I'll  be starting a new Life ,                 (accordingly - correspondent with a higher purpose) / as in " Thy Will " ... beyond my own ego based self aggrandizing vanity  

Twist and Spin ..... ( Isaiah 5:20) .... Woe! -

The PompousPious Gazette - R I C O - Circus - Epidemic comes unto and Upon America

Professor Pompous Pious - Emeritus Presents

 and facilitates  a StratospherePie University  (S P U) 101 course - titled :

 The ( Professor Pompous Pious )

 " P D F "  File : 

Pedagogical ( illogical ) Propaganda Phunk  and ( Insidious Indoctrination )

Deviation  ( leading to  deliberately designed *Devitalization and  decline) and

Fallacy ( foible - folly -  FreakOut  Fraud and 

                    FARCE )

Stanley -Among our Exigent priorities here @ (S P U ) in accordance with Duty - Obligation and Responsibility ,  shall be to expose a primary contributor ( a pond scum entity)  to  the Farce Factor  :

The multi - Billion dollar $$$$$$$$$$$$ 

Animal  Phreakout - Pharm - (H a r m)  acuetical   indu$try - 


 behind a Facade of Illusional Benevolence 

 ( F I B )

  while simultaneously causing devitalization

( glandular atrophy) of and to -   The Seat Of The SOUL ( A freaking assault target of Hell's Conditioning )  In this course we recommend  as a requisite to registry - revisiting - 

A Dialog with The Devil , by Napolean Hill 

This will be done in our course titled - 

Life As A Symphony ! and   ( The habit of drifting ) - listed in our course ( pages) outline -

 ( a springtime symphony after we hear the Robin Sing )

( coming soon - in The Springtime  - When We Hear That ROBIN Sing and we will be Starting A New Life ) !

www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH8Oj2W7yeA, Yes Indeed !


Find out more

From ( frustration related ) Insanity and Technological Tyranny ----> To Freaking Madness !

Predicated upon these times of ghastly macabre systemic *aberrant behaviors

        (and "Deliberately Designed   "INSIDIOUSNESS") ,

 ...  absurdities and  resultant Atrocities ,

 ... primarily that  of  an intertwined - intermingled - co mingled -

  pervasive and invasive

 intricately woven  "web of corrosive Deception"

(including false flag distractive

                  Machiavellian manipulations)

  within and throughout our reckless  - dysfunctional

 self  aggrandizing   calculated   governmental system,

 ... reconciliation will not ensue due to humanities *culpability and incapacity

 to solve its predicament on the *same level of thought related psychology

  from which the condition  originated   

Solvency will not come about by and thru or from  any  typical -  discursive intellect , familiar , yet    unreliable cognitive  process ...  (As) ... thought nature  as per its very essence - is  to be in , of, and from  the past - projecting an illusory  future  , which perpetuates  *complacency fashioned  reformation    and not  renewal

                              The  "ANTIDOTE" 

                                ... Intervention ... 

  ( not from anything external or human @ this juncture ) 

                                        "Rather" ...         

By a  willingness to plumb mystical depths ;

 states of insight 

not available to 

 traditional - ritualistic - conventional methodology !      

* asterisk clarifications ...... *complacency  -1st  exigent priority : self satisfaction even in the face of danger 

                                                       Even in The face of DANGER  , see  , 


(To Be Continued in the springtime - when I hear that Robin sing ) 

 ... with scriptural wisdom of due course !

(c)  scroll down please