Our International headquarters is located @ 666 Deception Boulevard - right Up Your Alley - You won't need your GPS

Phone 666 U 8 1 2 - leave your "Who really Cares" (?) message - after the E flat sour note Beep

 Ooop Poop ~ Be Dupe

Symbolic of

Welcome To The (very intricately woven ) "Web Of Life"

  1. " All things are connected
  2. Like the blood that unites us all
  3. We ( humankind ) did not weave the web of life
  4. We are merely a stand in it 
  5. Whatever befalls the earth befalls  the sons and daughters of the earth
  6. Whatever is done to the web, we also  do to ourselves
  7. To harm the earth is to heap contempt upon the creator "

(Above quotation ^ - adopted from what is believed to have been

 inspired by

 Chief Seattle

We will be displaying a July 4th -2015 photo of The World's Largest Dream Catcher -(105 foot circumferemce / 33feet dia.) - ( remaining undisputed as such as of December , 2017) here  on this page although The Guiness Record staff was
* not interested - initially, ... in something with this degree of spiritual / philosophical significance, as they seemed to prefer long  fingernails  and weird unusual  anomalous and spooky  things 

*( rejected by Scott Christy - London , England )

About Us

This earthly world is part of a More Spiritual Universe

this world is part of A More Spiritual Universe

from which it draws its significance

Union or Harmony


 with this higher universe can bring about   transformational   health in mind, body and soul 

( paraphrase is  derived from  an inference by The Father Of American Psychology - William James )   

Apprehending This higher more Spiritual State (?)


Albert Einstein believed that we would not solve problems on the same level from which they were created !

( To be continued )