Our International headquarters is located @ 666 Deception Boulevard - right Up Your Alley - You won't need your GPS

Phone 666 U 8 1 2 - leave your "Who really Cares" (?) message - after the E flat sour note Beep

 Ooop Poop ~ Be Dupe

Symbolic of

The "BEHOOVEMENT" Movement (minimal side effects) _ (+ Only)

The Great Exchange

Notice : (This exhortation  is  Intended for Wonderment - Pondering and Contemplation purposes)...

Everything in this 3rd Dementia dimensional - Illusion  of reality  involves a trade / barter ! 

My question (?) remains : Are we ready and willing  to exchange  familiar comfortable complacency for a 

"Get  Out of Jail - Free" - card /pass 


Do we prefer to only redecorate The Prison Walls ? 

Confession : "My" - ( Professor Pompous Pious -Emeritus)  cell was decorated by an Inferior - interior decorator  - The 


   Incarceration  Decoration Service  ,                        Inc.

                        (To be continued)


Announce coming events -

Doomsday On The horizon - 

(a high tide Tsunami predicted), 

 headed  to America's

  Eastern  shore

Displaying real testimonials ...................... for : ---->

         "A   New Century Paradigm - 


72% of the time it works (capriciously and  abstractly)  for MOST  of The Graduates 100% OF THE TIME 

The remaining 28 % are very likely 

            shallow, impervious

Ignorant - Apathetic - Complacent

                        1/2 witted




                          Fat- Ass -

      Slobbering  NinComPOOPS

Our Behoovement Movement - Promotion code 666 U 8 1 2

Join before The Coming Tsunami !

Behoovement Movement Status Certification !

(Curriculum and exam date to soon be disclosed) 

Announcing / Sharing the Big news

Beyond The temporary relief of Jeremiah  Peabody - polyunsaturated - quick dissolving - fast acting - pleasant tasting - green and purple pills  ... Professor Pompous  has a long term 


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Ollie - This is Stanley ... Why was the infamous  Paradox producing - Earth quaking -   Tsunami  and Storm named after Me ?  Why Me - Ollie ?

Because Of Another  

                         Fine Mess


                         Mr. Laurel