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Phone 666 U 8 1 2 - leave your "Who really Cares" (?) message - after the E flat sour note Beep

 Ooop Poop ~ Be Dupe

Symbolic of

A Paradox (named) Stanley / *pell mell politics ( named) Guess Whom ?

Hillary ...

 in a jumbled mass or manner; wild disorderly haste ; reckless and rogue confusion , impetuous 

( how about trickle down and thru - Corruption )

Hillary Dillary - a  "Crock" ,  unable to run out the Clock !  As a Dynasty Dies !

                  Amen !

         (see Isaiah 45:1)

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The secret scrolls of Dennis/ Dionysis to be revealed This year - The year of mighty fine Whine ! Seved in A Golden Cup with a registered bullfrog logo

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The Behoovement Movement - a 101 StratospherePie University - 1,080 hour certification course ( a full spectrum curriculum that offers graduates a "Rainbow Rhabbi"  designation )  signed by Professor Pompous Pious- Emeritus - 55th cousin to Pontius Pilate ! 

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News never reported by MSLSD - Rachel MadCow - Ander-Alyson Cooper or The Washington Compost ! 

However ... The Gods Of The Copybook Headings may Limp Up To Explain It Once More !

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Are we headed to hell in a handbasket -Ollie ?

Oh no Stanley ! - 

America is on the way in an over sized Big Mart Shopping Cart - spending money they don't have on things they don't need to impress people they don't even know or like (?) In this Warped run Amok  Capitali$tic $ystem