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 Ooop Poop ~ Be Dupe

Symbolic of

Let me Tell You About "OoopPoop" ~ BeDUPE !


I  won't stop Trying


 I  create A "Disturbance" In Your Mind !


It's about Ooop,Poop~BeDUPE - Paradox and Paradise

(And) : The Cerebral Laundromat Facility (CLF) / ( Ethos - Pathos - Logos ) - The Arbitrary and Nebulous - Subjective - Conceptual - Capriciously Abstract and Absurd "Archaic Straitjacket of (so - called) Religious Authority" / Mythical Madness and The Machiavellian ("Monsanto") Monster Mash Shuffle (and) Hell's Freaking Conditioning Process (HFCP) - HollyWEIRD EnterTAINTment ; / ("Celebrity Worship") / (Slouching Towards Gomorrah) and The Freaking Nature Of INSIDIOUSNESS , .... / The Freaking Dark Agenda: ... Dominion - Subordination - (Enslavement) .... Producing Ignorant - Apathetic- Complacent .... Ass Kissing - Obsequious / Compliant - Pawns On The Chessboard and Fodder (In and) For *Their Juggernaut) ...... *The International "Egregious".... Elitists CONTROL Freaks *( Going for The Jugular) - ( "Strangling The Holy Curiosity of Inquiry" ) - ( Foible and Folly ) -.... Good "Golly" Ollie - (*)The Parasite is Devouring The HOST ! - FUTURE SHOCK Is Here NOW !

America - America  ! ...

 From  The Polluted  Pacific  To The Afflicted Atlantic Sea -  ( As a resulting consequence of  stewardship Dereliction ) ;  When The Supreme  Quintessential Deity -  Withdraws her   Grace from Thee

  How do You think that's going to feel  ? 

...  as The New  Planetary  Anthem becomes ...

  Look what they've Done To My Song - !  

 Verse II ... They ripped out the lungs of the planet in South America - in exchange for  producing  

McMad Cow Burgers 

  They paved Paradise

 and  put up a  Playground 


A  Hamburger Stand  !  .. Doesn't  It just  Make You want To Puke , wondering   ?

(Where is The (*) ("Outrage and  where is The Rebuke") - won't they know what they've  lost 'til it's irretrivevably Gone  ) while The Machiavellian Monsanto Monster Mash March  tramples On ? and on and on 

"Another Fine Mess" - Stanley

          Why no outrage - Ollie ? Why ? 

Ain't None - Stanley;

 ( or very little to be followed with action) 

"America"  , ... Distracted - DESENSITIZED , Dumbed- Down ( in  THE C  L F ), Cerebral Laundromat Facility of  propaganda and indoctrination modalities  perpetuated  by and thru

                   "digital dopamine",

 - HollyWEIRD  enterTAINT ment - and CELEBRITY Worship   (vicariously compensating ) 

 Oh Ollie  - In this run amok $ystem - Is America going to hell in a hand basket   as was once thought ? 

 Oh no Stanley  - She is Not 

America is heading there in an oversized Big Mart Shopping Cart

 Americans. ...  Spending money they don't have - buying things they don't really need in hopes of impressing strangers they've never even met !

These( M R I ) Miscellaneous Randum Incitations , are a tip of the iceberg explanation -  @ this juncture -Stanley !

To Be continued ) - (Trust Me - please) 


Verse III

Now - when ISMs and digital dopamine combine ; creating   (deliberately designed) confusion and devitalization , aided and  abetted by 

a conveniently misinterpreted  Genesis scripture

 used for centuries by Machiavellian Monsters to promote The Dark Side 

 "CONTROL" Freak Agenda  -


of the masses

 ( That is why Catholics  attend mass  )


A "deliberately  designed"

 implosion between 2008 and 2017 ,

 has been  preparing *us for transition from the cycle of chaos and confusion, with circuits  overloaded and

 Fuses blowing 

however , the Howdy Doody Days of The Marionette Masters are waning and It's now

 Complacency interference time

 In America  ( Isaiah 45:1)

 Bold and Brazen tactics  shall "Trump

              wimpy - bribe the Bully 

appeasement and placation politics 

*Us ... We The People - A genetically engineered / and / or modified species ( half past human  - betwixt the ape and the angel - isolated and sequestered on a quarantined planet - left to swim in a vast sea of docility inducing estrogen 

 This Is TheOoopPoop~BeDUPE (Ephesians 6:12) Story !

WOE !  ( coming in Springtime - when we hear that Robin Sing ) ! 


 This shall not be delayed - however , 

as The Poop Impacts The oscillator ! 

           ( Crapola Hits The Fan )

Exponential RICO -  Way Far Deep Doo Doo State - Implosion 

              @   www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRoo2hidMRI&feature=yotu.be 

         (The Paradox of Progress)


Did you know that Golly (Goli) is an interject euphemism for God"  ? symbolic  ,... arbitrarily subjective  - nebulously presumptive - conceptually, - capricious - abstract and relatively Absurd  -   subsequenty & consequently - producing Atrocities  - 

such as  Wars !

 - The ultimate example of  paradox visiting Paradise -

 Holy Wars !  

Once upon a linear time in 3rd dimensional (dementia) so-called reality - ( Adam was never awakened from that mythical / metaphorical  deep sleep ) ,and Paradox visited Paradise - creating what   often seems like a Farcical - Freak Out  Phunk , ( aka to be known as The (F-FOP - Syndrome), and as such - HumBug-Ugly  - and  lacking Redemptive Reconciliation ; ... 

(R & R) Rest and Revitalization ,

 and now, centuries later, we find ourselves experiencing thus and such :

Another  (nothing new under the sun) cyclical  "SHIFT" is Impacting The Oscillator ( Hitting the Fan) -  (Corruption - to the Core) -   (sinnister Insidiousness), as referenced in Ephesians 6:12 - is  being revealed !  

The Primary Purpose


 The  OoopPoop~BeDUPE   Story

 is to expose 

 Insidious foible, folly , fallacy, Fraud , FARCE  and failure -> leading to 

The attempted Eviseration (Ephesians 6:12) of 

A "UTOPIAN" Vision 

... Threatened by :

International Banksters 

Media Controllers 


 ( An Unholy Trinity ( alliance) , however, 

Complacency Interference  is come unto us (America) , Amen !

The Unholy  Alliance has three Fears :

Public awareness 


Organized  intolerance and  confrontation (without recoil)  

Secondarily :

 To present -

 "The ANTIDOTE" ( a correlative Imperative) 

 for these rapidly changing times - information that will allow for our personal creation of


rather than the  inhibiting factor of



All aboard

Our tour begins in our wild and woolly - Wiki Wiki *orange shuttle - into and  thru The Cerebral Laundromat (CLF) represented by Ephesians 6:12 , and concludes with our transfer onto the Wiki Wiki *Indigo shuttle -embracing a sacred redemptive  scripture ( to be disclosed ) Trust Me !

A sneak preview as per

                                       The Cerebral Laundromat Facility :

                                                  ( Hell's Conditioning )

                                    ( The OoopPoopBeDUPE -Deception ) 

                                                            (M R I ) 

"Where there is a WILL - There is A  WAY"  - That's what Mother would often Say ,

 ( well intentioned  of course , 

however  , ... - Mother did not mention The adversarial aspect  her cherished cliche ,...

              ... Where there is a will - There  is   - Anxiety


 *( Orange - representing  lower chakra of light spectrum/ socio-political / vanity/ ambition )  -  *( Indigo - The Pineal Gland / seat of The Soul /  The still small voice of Intuition )

                       America and The World is presently experiencing The "AGITATION"  and High Spin Cycle , only   to be run thru the wringer and hung out to dry (?) 

                                                                  ( To Be Continued )  

From 1974 and Happy Days with The Fonzi  Theme  -  to 2017 and chaos  and  confusion  with  Congressional   geezer gropers - and A  self perpetuating  pervasive Ponzi Scheme   !

Yes Stanley - Paradox and a
psychic Parasite  Visited Paradise, and now we have another " Fine   Mess " - don't we ?

Stanley ...

 All Hell Broke Loose

The secular seduced 

The Sacred 

Absurdities erupted into Atrocities

                       (cities like Chicago)

Insanity morphed into *Madness 

*(nations drank from

 The *Golden Bullfrog Cup -

 began to babble flippant fable funk  nonsense 

 and became freaking Mad ) !

 Another mythical metaphor  -

 blowing away a capriciously concocted - conceptual 

 " image and likeness" discrepant  notion

Simplicity became a *Complex matter

History repeated - 1st as tragedy

next - as FARCE

Hope was a lovely Companion 

however ...

A very Lousy Guide 

With strong delusion they often saw what they Believed - before they believed what they thought they saw , ...

and then it worsened ... They thought that they were thinking - when they were merely rearranging their prejudices   


They would compare the Actual state with a perceived ideal which only led to apathy, maudlin sentimentality,... anger and guilt related 

depressive disorder

( How Funky was that ) ?

Every form of refuge had its Price


*The *Meek began to get Ulcers

( Inheriting nothing other than a HUGE Debt ) ! 

The bleeding  Ulcer  Epidemic was determined to be Anxiety related 

The Obama Trauma Health Care Plan

 did not cover pre existing 


Hegel - refused to synthesize IT

          Oprah - couldn"t explain IT

                   Columbo  - never solved IT

                                 Judge Judy - dismissed IT  ( Too Many Idiots )

                                                    Dr. Phil -  never returned our call

                                                                Donald Trump - called  IT


                                                     Hiilary asked:  ( with  a  hideous  indignant  scowl )

                     what "DIFFERENCE" does IT make ? Perhaps it's Deplorable - Eh ?    


  About The meek - Perhaps a  self evident breakthrough by Professor Pious - Emeritus  may solve the riddle. The Prof discovered that " An aggressor in one environment is a placid resident in another  (Therein Lies The Key or at least  part of the equation for the combination lock that opens a doorway into Cause  - rather than only bandaging a symptom - in  a health care system  that receives more money from treatment than it does - Cure !

The Meek are only circumstantially meek; when conditions change they may suddenly inherit the earth  

The same with Disease - The complacency zone as per environmentally conducive circumstances must change  to ALLOW for healing

Research and Development  Inference 

By Dr. Dubious D. Divine 

( We will conduct An A A meeting to discuss this in greater detail )

A A 

( Abounding Aberrant ) 


     ( Deviation ) 

(from Natural Law Principles)

The Behoovement Movement

Verily Verily - Merrily Merrily -Life Is But A Dream ! ... and a Scheme Theme, or so it often does seem  - Eh ? 

Should you find that you are Behooved by this site .... (and) would like to purge the Toxic Junkyard Dogma in your life experience, ... Guess What We Have For YOU ?

We offer The Behoovement Movement !  sacred Certification credentials ( accredited By Stratosphere Pie University) ! (and)  Issued  by 

 The Church of What's Freaking Happening NOW ! ...

Which  includes An Official Dream Catcher Greeting Card - announcing " A Great CENTRAL Quintessential Fact "  , signed by Professor Pompous Pious -Emeritus ( with coveted rites and privileges) Trust Me again Please !

 ( No Annual  Due$ or  Don't/s)

 Just Guidelines - that are Just !

Stanley ... America has become a

  Symptom Oriented Society ...(as in)

S O S 

A ship without a rudder - adrift without a properly calibrated moral  compass - one that is  always pointing far to the  Looney Toon, *(out of Tune) Left and South. This is  a Titanic  blunder, no doubt. that has been taking America over and out - down and under.

I think you're probably " RIGHT " - Ollie ...

What can I do to help ?

Stanley... "The darkest place in hell is reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis"   Keep that in mind 

*(out of Tune / (lacking Synchronicity) with the still small voice and guiding light principle)

It's Another Fine Mess - Stanley

 Stanley - It's not a matter of Sink or ~ ~ ~ Swim ~ ~ ~ ,

 but rather ...

Sync ... or .... Drown

Rise with the Tide and Go With the Flow

( Our Hippy Dippy 60's  version - Eh ? ) 

Class : Let's take an 11 minute break and then we will resume with another topic: ... a  Quirky Perplexing Quagmire 


Welcome Back

  We have upon us Now - right Now -right Here,... in America

A   Quirky   Perplexing   Quagmire 

Good Goulish Golly - Ollie - What does that Mean ?

Stanley ...  We have to watch our P's and Q's 

Professor  Pompous  Pious knows All  about those

 P's  and  Q's 

Quirky Quixotic Perplexing Quagmires

Perfidious Pejorative Polemic 

Poignant Persiflage

Poop-dupe Philosophy - Especially ...... [ "Pew Poop" ] ----> ( see :)  The Archaic Strait Jacket )

(extrapolated from The William F. Buckley / Dr. Dubious D. Divine  Dictionary of

- Phunky Politics-)  

However there Is a 


Good News Antidote

 by Professor Pious  (another P and Q )

So WATCH This ! ...

Pristine and  Quintessential

 (This is a Scientific - 

Tried - Trusted and

 True  Treatment Option )

Coming Soon - Trust Me !

How Soon - Ollie ?

 Very Well Stanley :

 As soon as that  Hound Dogma is ready to go into

 The    Rabbit Hole  

 What's Next Ollie ... ?

 D Day in America has returned unto us and has come upon us - Stanley

(Here we have a couple of clues) :

 It's  D Day  In  America 

 A Diabolic Despotic Dynasty  Dies...


" A Saint - She Ain't

( To Be Continued) Trust Me , ... for  (c)opyright and credential Bio and Blah Blah , lets, go to our home base site @