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 Ooop Poop ~ Be Dupe

Symbolic of

OoopPoop~BeDUPE and Vicious CYCLES of Futility

The Dupe - ee (Ye) and the Dupe - or (They)


Whomever  (They )  may be ?

How about Greedy "CONTROL"  Freak Fat-ass Frauds    ?

(for starters)  

"They"...The Big Animal Pharm (harm) aceutical Frauds ? Wherein as such :


 A Vicious  Cycle (Circle)  ie.,

3.  in medicine, a situation in which one disease or disorder results in another which in turn aggravates the first

Proverbs 17:22 <--- let;s Look Here


Where The "Antidote" begins ,...

Yes indeed !   It  most certainly is a  very likely - imperative   worthy of  embrace  as a foundation cornerstone  for all matters of Health !